Indonesia {Travel & Day 1}

Indonesia {Travel & Day 1}

Well we made it to Indonesia! We survived 3 flights (1 hour, 10.5 hours, and 7 hours!) and 2 layovers with a 4 year old and a 6 month old! I seriously feel like I could conquer the world… or sleep for two weeks straight! But seriously, our girls are angels. There is just no there way to describe them (most of the time). The first flight was from Vegas to San Fran so it was a quick one. Em colored and played with stickers while Wynnie slept in my arms. That flight was a breeze!

Our next flight took us to Tokyo! It was 10.5 hours long and survived with one melt down by Emry because her finger got pinched in the tray table. She was tired and emotional, luckily it lasted only a few minutes! She slept, watched movies, and colored on the flight. On this flight we were able to reserve a bassinet for Wynnie. If anyone reading this is thinking about doing some major traveling with their baby this little airline secret is AMAZING. Call once you book your flights and reserve the bassinet. It’s a free upgrade for you and baby to sit in Economy plus and you get the bassinet. We did have to pay to upgrade Em and Chance so we could all sit together but it was worth the money a hundred times over! (Most flights there is no charge for anyone in your party, it just depends if the bassinets in regular economy have been claimed yet) The bassinet hooks to the wall in front of you so you don’t have to hold a sleeping baby for 10+ hours. Seriously, coolest discovery!

We then flew from Japan to Jakarta. I don’t know why I had gotten it in my head that we only had one really long flight. I found out in Tokyo that our next flight was 7 hours. I think I died a little bit inside! I was not mentally prepared to get us all through another flight like that without any tears. I for sure thought this flight would be a disaster! Well, I was so wrong and I was so happy! We had another bassinet for this flight and both girls slept through 90% of the flight! WHAAAATTTTT?? Now, the flight did start out with a pretty massive freak out from Wynnie but once we got her fed she was out cold for the next 6 hours! During that freak out we got some pretty nasty looks but then at the end of the flight all anyone could do when they saw Wynnie was smile! We were ALL surprised at how well that flight went. We landed in Jakarta at 11:45 pm local time. (10:45 am back home)

We navigated ourselves through the airport and started looking for our friend. We saw him before he saw us (which is hard to do since we were the only white people in sight!). We snuck around behind him and Chance bear hugged him from behind! It was so fun to see Leo again, its been 5 long years since we were last together. The reason we are in Indonesia is for his wedding. We met Leo in China 5 years ago and instantly became life long friends! We always told him that one day we would meet him in Bali, instead we are here in his home town for his wedding! We are so grateful we are able to take this trip with our girls to introduce them to some of our closest friends! (the last time we saw Leo Emry was a little bean growing in my tummy!) Man time flies.

Day one was spent exploring, trying to beat jet lag, and eating some delicious food! Our hotel is connected to this massive mall so we spent some time looking around, playing at the most amazing arcade I’ve ever seen, getting pedis, and reuniting with old friends. We had traditional Indonesian food and some amazing sea food. Man I have missed Asian cooking! Oh and we ate with our hands, rice and all! It is seriously so amazing experiencing other cultures and I could not be more grateful that I am experiencing this with my kids.

Blurry photo. That’s what happens when you hand the camera to Chance. 😉

I know Wynnie won’t remember any of this trip and Emry may only be able to recall certain images but I do know that this is still helping shape them into the people they are going to be. Their minds and eyes will be open to how big this world really is. I hope that by showing them other parts of the world we can humble them (and ourselves) and be grateful for the lives that we have been given.


I can’t wait to tell you about how you fell dead asleep while you were getting a manicure, how your eyes lit up when you saw the arcade for the first time, how your favorite part about flying are the escalators, how you kept saying “he’s my uncle Leo mom? That’s so weird, I don’t even know him!”, how you loved eating rice with your hands, how you fell asleep in dads arms while walking around the mall and then you slept on two plastic chairs during dinner. I can’t wait to tell you about how you are a champion traveler, how you turned every head with your blonde hair and blue eyes, how you yelled while talking with head phones in, how you immediately took to Leo and held his hand everywhere you went, and how you were so happy that it was day time when it should have been night time (real life time travel). You may not remember any of this trip, but as for me, I’ll cherish it forever! May your heart always wander and be adventurous, little one.

Love, Mama.


I can’t wait to tell you about how you slept through every flight, how everyone that sees you talks to you in baby talk (even the grown men), how you fell asleep sitting up, how you stole the hearts of all of our Indo friends, how you let Elita sing you to sleep, how you got massive crocodile tears when you realized you didn’t recognize anyone while I was in the bathroom with Emry, and how you LOVE your carrier especially when faced outwards. I can’t wait to tell you about how you don’t like the humidity, how you suck on your carrier while looking around at all the sites, how you are obsessed with water bottles, and you turn your head all upity when you are over your bottle. You may not remember any of this trip, but as for me, I’ll cherish it forever! May your heart always wander and be adventurous, little one.

Love, Mama.

Day 1, thats a wrap! Bring on day 2!