Why a Winnebago?

Why a Winnebago?

Hello! Because so many people have been asking I am going to tell you all about our new baby… Eddy the Winnebago! I have a dream… I dream of a simple life, with minimal clean up and more time together with my little family. The social norm is to grow up, get married, buy a house, start a family, and work till you die. Some of those things sound wonderful, but some… not so much.

Over the last few years I have been struggling with wanting to want what everyone else around me seems to want. Why don’t I want to build a house and live in it forever? Why don’t I want my husband to stay at the awesome job he has for the rest of his career? Why don’t I want five kids under the age of 8? Why don’t I ever feel completely satisfied with my life? I used to get so down on myself about all of this. Then one day I realized…. I don’t want my life to look like everyone else so why am I putting myself down about it! I also don’t want to feel complete satisfaction with my life because that will limit progression and growth.

Sure, I want security… but, what I want most is time. Time is more important to me than money. I have realized that if I don’t spend my money on nice furniture, expensive cars, and a huge mortgage we seem to have more money to do what we truly love (traveling and eating out) and we have more time together (to travel and eat out). 😉 Ok, we have more uses for the saved money than just fun and food. We have some humanitarian projects we want to work on as well, but we’ll save that for another post.

I also want my husband to spend time with his girls while they are young. I don’t want him to miss out on all that just because society says he needs to work 9-5 (and then some), 5 days a week. We live in an ever changing world. The internet, social media, and networking has changed the American job drastically. Why haven’t we changed the work schedule along with it?

So, the reason we bought the Winnebago was first and foremost to give us a place to “live” when we come home from China for holidays and to visit family. We will most likely be coming home for weeks at a time so we really wanted to avoid staying with family for that long. It’s hard to not have your own space especially when you have kids. The second reason is because I have a dream… I dream of a simple life. So yes, we are considering moving into the RV until we move to China. We are going with the “less is more” motto.

I know, we are crazy!! But, I have done tons of research and Instagram following and have found many people out there that live in RV’s (by choice) with their kids. Admit it, it sounds liberating, right? Think of how easy it will be to clean! Think of how much stuff you will get rid of because frankly it just won’t fit! Think of how easy it will be packing for a week long adventure if you can just take your house with you! Think of how much money we will save! Ah, the dream.

Right now we are working on renovating it. It’s going to be quite the process but we are ready for the challenge. We are doing our best to keep the price down but to make it a cozy place to live. We have plans for dark wood floors, bright white cabinets, quartz counter tops, and a subway tiled bathroom. When I close my eyes I can picture how beautiful it’s going to be, then I open my eyes and see this….

Soon though, very soon it will be everything I dream it will be! The next post I do will be full of pretty pics of Eddy, just you wait!