Ubud, Bali {Day 7}

Ubud, Bali {Day 7}

Well, originally we planned to move to a different city today but plans changed because we felt the kids needed a more relaxing day and Ubud and the people have stolen our hearts! We extended our Airbnb and took it easy today. We started out by taking a dip in the pool. Today has been the sunniest day so it was nice to cool off in the pool and enjoy sometime outside without sweating. 😉

Then we decided we wanted to be adventurous. We rented scooters! I know, I’m getting judged for this. I would judge too. I judge myself for this decision! But, then I looked around and saw all the Balinese moms riding scooters with their kids and I realized that this is part of life over here in Bali. Is it safe? Not completely. Did we survive? Yes. And it was so much fun!!! I rode with Wynnie in the carrier and Chance took Emry. Wynnie would fall asleep the second we started riding, it was adorable. I was pretty nervous at first but by the end of the day I felt like I was Balinese! 😉

We decided we wanted to check out another temple that was close to our Airbnb so we took the scooters there. I am so impressed with Chance and his navigational skills. To me, every street looks the same but he was able to find the temple we wanted to see that we saw on the first day we were here. IMPRESSIVE.

We parked the scooter and followed the steps down to what we thought was the temple. Instead we found a naked man bathing in the river. No joke. Completely naked. Not only was he naked but he was nice enough to tell us that we were going the wrong way while he was naked! Now that is kindness. We were able to distract Emry so she didn’t see anything, I however, was not that lucky. Well, we followed his directions and found the temple. We weren’t able to go inside because we didn’t have a sarong but it was still beautiful to see! We ended up taking the drone out and flying it around. Who needs to see something from the ground when you can see it from the air while relaxing in the shade of a tree? 😉

There were a lot of people praying at this temple so I was able to snap some photos of the Hindu people dressed in their traditional clothing. We also met a guy that was telling us that he had been to Vegas and his name is like the Wynn hotel. He was pretty excited to meet his twin, Wynnie. haha! Of course, we had to get a photo!

Next we found ourselves at city center and grabbed some lunch. We ate at a little place called “Lotus Cafe”. The food was excellent! I really enjoy Balinese food. The flavors are simple but really good! But, the coolest part about this restaurant was that it is located right in front of a temple. Yes, another temple. They are everywhere! We are used to that living in Utah though. 😉 After lunch we wandered around the temple. Em was in love with lily pads and Wynnie was just happy to be bouncing around in her carrier.

We decided to finish this little family outing with a bang. We got one hour massages! What did we do with our kids you ask? Well, Em had some tv time and Wynnie relaxed with mom! Traveling with kids at it’s finest! It was the cutest thing, before I held Wynnie Emry was laying with her and talking to her. If she would start to cry Em would say “don’t cry” and show her Ninjago. 😉 She helped her for probably 20 min of the massage. That Em can be so sweet when she wants to be!

After our massages we headed home to spend the night swimming. When we got there Ngurah (our host) wanted to show Emry how he prays. He put a Sarang on Emry and took her around to all the spots in the house where he needed to pray. It was so cool to watch him. Em sang songs for him in the background haha. Then she showed him how she prays, it was adorable! I didn’t take photos of him praying but I did take video so watch for that when I get that finished!

Of course we finished the night with a swim in the pool! Swimming finally clicked for Emry! She was swimming like a maniac showing off for Ngurah. She is in love with him haha! Pretty cool that she can say she learned to swim in Bali! The whole time she was swimming she kept saying to herself “be brave like Dorothy!”. She loves watching the Bucket List Families movies and wants to be just like her! I’m so glad she inspired her to be brave!

Well that’s a wrap for day 7! We leave our Airbnb tomorrow and I don’t think Emry is going to handle leaving Ngurah behind very well. Wish us luck! 🙂