Ubud, Bali {Day 6}

Ubud, Bali {Day 6}

Another amazing day! I cannot get over this place. I have actually added it to my list of places I would like to live! One of my many dreams is to live in different places all over the world. Living in China we quickly learned that you can only truly experience the culture and what a place has to offer by living there, not just vacationing there. So, living in Bali is now of the list!

On day 6 we decided it would be best to have a driver for the day. He was good to our kids, knew the area, and treated us so kindly!

<If you ever find yourself in Ubud, Bali look him up. You won’t be disappointed! Here is his info… Bagus Arya, WhatsApp: +62 85 792 644 011, Phone: 085 338 522 796, Email: bagus_arya7@yahoo.com.>

We started the day with a trip to the Elephant Safari Park! This place was a little expensive but definitely worth it! We watched a little elephant show, fed the elephants, and had a 30 min elephant ride. I’ve always wanted to ride an elephant so this place was a must! Em loved it as well! She let them take food from her with their trunks and she loved petting them. Wynnie was a fan of the ride, the elephant rocked her right to sleep! The workers were really nice and seemed to care about the elephants. According to the signs in the building these elephants were rescued from another city where they were being mistreated by the villagers. Not sure if that is true but I am going to believe it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next we headed to the Rice Terrace! One of my top things I wanted to see while in Bali was a rice terrace. It was everything I hoped it would be! It was so green, had so many winding paths, and steep hills. The girls weren’t at the top of their game during this adventure so we found a shady spot to sit down and took turns wandering around. I could have spent all day wandering and take photos. But, traveling with kids makes you adjust your wants a bit. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #worthit

Em was having a melt down as we started down the path so once we found a table to rest at Chance let me go wander. It was surreal and so peaceful. I honestly cannot believe places like this even exist. I was blown away! After walking for a bit I decided to go check on the girls figuring I would find Chance trying to feed a hungry baby while Em was having a fit. Instead what I found was Emry at some random table chatting with these girls from Australia while sharing their coconut water and Wynnie being held and sang to by a sweet Asian girl. It was a pleasant surprise! I know I have said it before but I am so impressed with how the girls are handling all the attention. I knew Em would be fine because she is a social girl but I was worried about Wynnie! She is to that point where she wants to be with people that she knows so I wasn’t sure how she would handle this, but she has done sooooooo good! We have champion travelers on our hands!

After we checked that beaut off my bucketlist we headed to a famous Hindu Temple! The temple is called Tirta Empul which means Holy Spring in Balinese. It was so intricate and beautiful. They allow tourists to come in and see the temple but you have to wear a Sarong in order to enter. The Balinese people are in their doing there worship and swimming in the holy water while the tourists come in and wander around. There are certain areas you can’t go but most you are able to wander around. They even allow you to swim in the holy water. We opted out that part because of the kids but if it was just us we totally would have done it! I was surprised how many tourists were participating in the “purification”. It was a really amazing experience. I had no idea what was going on in there but there was a calm and peaceful spirit.

We finished the night with delivery at our Airbnb and some guitar playing and singing from our fantastic host! If you are considering doing some traveling please use Airbnb, you will love it! There is just something different about being able to communicate with the locals and to become genuine friends. Ngurah (our host) has been so amazing and has treated us so well! It’s also nice to be able to ask if I am getting ripped off at the market! ๐Ÿ˜‰

PS: My adorable skirt is from Primerose and Pine!