Simple Sunday {Pres. Monson}

Simple Sunday {Pres. Monson}

So, I am going to start a new photo series called “Simple Sunday”. Each Sunday I will post a quote (here) that will be our family motto or little reminder for the week. Some Sundays a blog post will go along with it if I’m feeling ambitious!

With the passing of Thomas S. Monson (you can learn more about him HERE) I have been pondering and looking back on all of his amazing quotes. This one is seriously my all time favorite… “Of this be sure: You do not find the happy life… you make it.” For a big part of my life I spent so much time looking for happiness. Looking for some magic life recipe that would guarantee me continuous happiness. As I’ve become older and wiser (wink wink) I have come to the realization that we all have the potential to call our lives happy, we all have the ability to make our lives what we want them to be. Happiness is a choice, it’s a choice that has to be made every second of everyday but it is in fact a choice. To achieve happiness it also takes a lot of hard work. We all know how easy it is to slip into the sadness, the darkness and we all know how easy it is to let it consume us. I’ve been there, I have seen some pretty dark days and I felt how easy it would have been to just let go and let them eat me alive. But, I don’t want a sad life. So each day I wake up I continuously make the choice to be happy. Some days are harder than others to make that choice so those days I fight harder.

When I first started my Instagram account back in 2012 I put this quote in my bio… “Happiness is in the heart, not the circumstance.” Over the years I have almost deleted that little phrase from my bio countless times but I can never bring myself to do it. It has been a constant reminder to me. It has reminded me that just because my circumstance is hard sometimes that does not mean I am an unhappy person. So don’t let your circumstance define you. Let it push you to make it better and to continue to be happy no matter what life throws at you.

All I know is that at the end of the day I want to choose happiness. I want to choose light over darkness and love over hate. And I definitely want to teach that to my girls.

Happy Sunday all!