Kuta, Bali {Day 8 & 9}

Kuta, Bali {Day 8 & 9}

Day 8 was spent swimming one last time at our villa in Ubud, saying goodbye to our friends, and traveling to Kuta Beach. The drive was about an hour and a half and once we got to Kuta the city was pretty hectic! We felt a little stressed being in a new place, not knowing where our hotel was, and trying to find somewhere to eat. Our friend Leo (the one who got married) is flying into Bali to spend a few days with us so he booked us our hotel. It’s nice! But we do miss the feel of our Airbnb.

We arrived in Kuta, got settled into our hotel and then went out in search for food. The streets here are a little busier, there are way more tourists, and there are way more vendors! I got sucked in by one of the street vendors and had them braid Emry’s hair. Once we got to their little “salon” they talked Chance and I into foot massages while we waited. They are good at guilt tripping you in this little town! 😉

After we were done there we were on a mad hunt for food. When Emry says she is hungry we have about 10 min before she loses her mind in a hungry fit. 😉 Okay she isn’t that bad, but she isn’t hungry very often so when she vocalizes that she wants a meal we know that she is on the verge of starving to death. We finally found a restaurant and got Em some pizza! She ate and immediately became our happy Emry again. Food works wonders. 😉 After dinner we decided to go check out the beach. By the time we found it it was dark haha! The sounds were pretty though!

We made the trek back to our hotel and immediately went to the pool to cool off! The girls both loved it. Em has become quite the little swimmer and Wynnie sure loves to splash around! So glad we have little swimmers on our hands. Once we finished wearing them out at the pool we headed back to the hotel and crashed.

Day 9 we woke up and headed straight for the beach. We did however get distracted by the people on the street and let Em try the fish tank. She LOVED it. I cannot believe she was brave enough to try it. I don’t like it at all but she was obsessed!

We made it to the beach and it was beautiful! We rented a cabana and a boogie board and played the day away. Emry loved swimming in the ocean and digging holes in the sand. Wynnie loved sitting in those holes and splashing in the water. Pretty cool that Wynnies first time swimming in the Ocean was in the Indian Ocean! Crazy.

We also took some pics of Wynnie! She is 6 months today! (America time). I seriously can’t believe she is 6 months already. I love the stage she is in. She can sit like a champ, she is skooting, she laughs all the time, and she loves her family! I can’t get over how good of a traveler she is. Once she adjusted to the time change she has been a breeze!

After the beach we decided to find somewhere to relax so Wynnie could take a nap. Of course we ended up at a place where we could get massages. We are obsessed! You can’t beat a 60 min massage for 5 bucks! Wynnie napped while Emry had some down time with Ninjago. Our girls are awesome. I never thought we would get to have a couples massage with our kids! 😉 Wynnie woke up about 10 before we were finished so the nice people in the salon watched her. They also had a baby, she was 5 months so it was cute to see them together. They were all obsessed with Wynnie and couldn’t stop taking pictures of her.

Once we got our massages in we decided it was time for some food. We stopped at a restaurant on our way back to the hotel. Em fell asleep in the chair before her food even got to the table. haha! She seriously ran all over that beach, I’m surprised she didn’t fall asleep sooner! While we were eating a noticed this awesome green wall just across the street. I wanted to get a picture of the girls and I in front of it but Em was out cold so it ended up just me and Wynnie! We went to take the pic and I smelled something sour. Yep, Wynnie had a blow out! Gross. So we postponed the photo op and got her cleaned up. I was fine with the blow out, there is nothing cuter than a baby in just a diaper!

After dinner we headed back to our hotel and had a dip in the pool. This time we went to the one on the top floor. It had an amazing view! And just like that, it’s bed time and day 9 has come to an end. This trip is flying by! I sure wish we didn’t have to go back to reality next week. Just thinking of work makes me want to cry! ? I know, I need to be grateful that we got to take a trip like this. I couldn’t be more grateful!