Hello! a little intro…

Hello! a little intro…

Hi there! My name is Brenna and this is my little space to share our journey to China and our journey in China. Yes, we are moving our family to China and we couldn’t be more excited. China holds a special place in our heart and we can’t wait to show our kids the magic of Asia.

I am a wife, mother, photographer, dreamer, and wanna be traveler. I love to be busy, try new things, dream about a wonderfully simple life, and spend time with my family.

I have a wonderful husband who pushes me to follow my dreams and obsessions, and loves me for who I am. He keeps me grounded but is always on board for my next big idea! We were engaged after three months of dating and were married 9 months after that. We have built a beautiful life together and feel so fortunate for the blessings we have received.

We have two beautiful little girls who make our world go round.

Emry Mei (Mei is the chinese word for beauty) is 4 years old and stole my heart from day one. She made me a mom and helped me through some really dark times. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is sassy, hilarious, brave, smart, and wild. She keeps us on our toes and challenges us in many ways.

Miss Wynn JoAnn gave us quite the surprise and entered our life after knowing about her for two weeks. She was brought to our family through adoption and placed in our arms just two hours after birth. She has had us wrapped around her finger since the first time we laid eyes on her. She brought sunshine back into our lives and made me feel whole at a time of great trial and heartache.

When we were just young newly weds we spent 9 months living in China. Chance has had a desire to work internationally since he served a two year mission for our church in Nicaragua. He was drawn to China even though he was learning Spanish on his mission (that’s a story for another day). Once we were married we decided to be exchange students in China so he could study Mandarin. I cannot even explain to you how glad I am that we made the decision to do that. We were newly married, poor, still had a lot of school left, but we went for it and it was so good for us individually and as a couple.

We got pregnant in China (yep, Emry was made in China) so we came home to finish school and to start our family. We have been itching to get back there ever sense. Currently Chance works for an aerospace company with some big opportunity. Some things are in the works and we hope to be in our home away from home this spring.

I originally planned on starting this blog once we moved so I could document our time in Asia, but I decided to start it early so I could share about our experiences preparing for a life abroad. Here I will share info about visas, passports, minimizing, important documents, traveling with kids, and RV renovations so we have a place to live when we come home to visit. I’m sure I’ll share more then is on that list but it’s a start!

Thanks for joining me; while reading this blog I hope you learn something, feed your adventurous side, and fall in love my sweet kiddos.

From Utah to China in 6 months, here we go!