Faith-such a tricky little word.

Faith-such a tricky little word.

So, to be honest we originally planned on starting this blog once we had moved to China. We were supposed to move on September 7th, yep three days ago. We purchased flights, sold 50% of our belongings, finalized our adoption early, and expedited passports all in preparation of our big move! I had also been working on this blog, our youtube channel, and branding for our new adventure. Things obviously changed…one day we were leaving on September 7th and the next we had no idea what we were doing. We were faced with a huge decision… do we jump into the unknown feet first or do we put faith into people that we know and trust in hopes that something magnificent will work out? Well, long story short, we chose the latter. If things work out it was a no brainer situation. We will be better off, more secure, in an amazing city, and we will have help from the Chinese and people back home when it comes to setting up a life there. But, it’s where that faith thing comes in. We are putting faith in Chances job, coworkers, Chances professional abilities, and more importantly, the Lord.

All my life I can easily say I have always had faith. Is my faith perfect? No. But I have it. I have SO many questions, fears, doubts, and concerns when it comes to religion and my purpose. Sometimes I search those questions out and find answers, other times I rely solely on my faith because the answers may not be what I want to hear. To some people this may be insane! It’s true, I sacrifice so much of my time to my church all based on faith. Isn’t that pretty beautiful at the same time? Those sacrifices are easy to make because of what I get in return. Eternal families, life after death, eternal joy! Who wouldn’t want that? And who wouldn’t want to go through this life believing in that? It’s true though, I don’t know exactly what happens when we die but I have great faith that it is something beautiful and honestly when it comes down to it, that is what gets me through the day.

Over the past couple years we have been hit with some painful trials. My faith was for sure shaken, not diminished, but definitely shaken. But, at the end of the day I always had a conversation with my Heavenly Father. Often times I didn’t think anyone was listening but I still spoke. I always felt calmer after my prayers. Is it because someone was listening? My faith tells me, yes. When people question religion or God they always want proof. No, I can’t give you physical proof (besides miracles, the beauties of the earth, and babies!) but I can give you proof of something good. When I choose faith over fear I am happier. When I choose to sacrifice something for someone else my spirit is renewed. When I pray at night I go to sleep feeling calmer and more content. These things are proof that what religion and God teaches is good, and why wouldn’t I want to be apart of something that is good?

So, to get back to my point… faith. Right now my motto is this…

When all I want to do is let my fears and sadness take over I always come back to faith. I have faith that things will work out. I have faith that if I work hard and push myself good things will happen. I have faith that when I am faced with hard decisions and trials I will push through them. I have faith that the path I am on is an amazing one.

Sidenote: aren’t my daughters marker stained hands adorable. 🙂