Bali, Indonesia {Day 10 & 11}

Bali, Indonesia {Day 10 & 11}

Well, sadly we are back home and I’m writing this post from my bedroom in the US. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home. But, I do love vacation and time spent together with my little fam more! Now it’s back to work, schedules, bedtimes, and routines. Wish us luck as we try to get over jet lag!

Let me fill you in what we did for day 10 and 11 though, I know you are dying to know what we did! 😉

Day 10 our friends (the ones who got married) met us in Bali and took us around! First we went to the most amazing little street food place where we ate Satay, a Bali classic! It was delicious. I was pretty sad that we didn’t know about this place before one of our last days. Seriously, it was sooooo good.

Next we went to this pretty cute place to get gelato! Our friend Leo said he only comes to Bali to eat. haha He defiantly showed us some good food!

Then we spent the day at a place called Mrs Sippy. It’s basically just a fancy pool with a high dive, clear water, and yummy food! Emry of course loved it and seriously swam like a little machine! She also jumped off the low dive with out a single hesitation. She was amazing! Wynnie loved the water, spending time with our friends, and napping on the table. Yep, she napped on the table for like an hour and half. That girl is a champ! We had yummy pizza and pita bread dipped in hummus. It all felt pretty classy, I mean come on! Pool said pita bread, whats more fancy than that? 😉

After the pool we went back to our hotel to get ready for the evening. We were a little early for dinner so Chance decided to take out swimming obsessed child down to the pool to swim for a bit. Wynn and I stayed in the hotel room so she could have a little rest. During that little swim sesh Em learned how to go under water and just hold her breath without moving. She held it for 18 seconds! I think thats pretty good for a 4 year old who just learned to swim! I couldn’t be more proud of her. I’m so pumped we have a little swimmer on our hands!

Our friends then took us to dinner and we met up with some more of our friends that we met in China! It has been so fun to catch up with everyone. The food was excellent but the kids were exhausted so this meal was a little harder. It was 8 so I can’t blame them from being exhausted after a long day at the pool! (I didn’t take any pictures here, sorry.)

On day 11 we planned to head to the beach for the morning before we had to fly from Bali to Jakarta. Our plans changed when we were having trouble booking our flight back to Jakarta. For some reason we weren’t able to book online so Chance decided to go a travel agent to have them book it. Well, to make a long story short they did end up booking it but they booked it from Jakarta to Bali and not Bali to Jakarta! Chance spent the next three hours with them trying to fix it before he gave up and came back to the hotel to try and figure it out himself. Well, with the help of our friend Leo they finally figured it out but that took the whole morning. So we didn’t get to go to the beach and we didn’t get to go to lunch with our friends. We were sad but there wasn’t much we could do!

We flew back to Jakarta, landed at about 5, and got picked up by our friend Vin Vin. It was her moms birthday so we all went to dinner to celebrate and to spend one last meal together. We had amazing seafood! I’m not a fan of seafood at home but Asian seafood is where its at! They use awesome flavors and sauces. It’s to die for. It’s so good I’ll even eat fish that still has it’s face on! 😉 We had a good time eating, talking, laughing, and celebrating! It was the perfect end to our trip!

Our flight was at 6 am that next morning so we stayed at a hotel right next to the airport so we could try to get some sleep. We left for the airport at 4 am and had a pretty easy next 30 hours. The girls did excellent on the flights and we got to cedar at 8 pm that same day. 😉 Traveling from the other side of the world is so trippy. We left at 6 am on Oct 16th and got to Cedar at 8 pm on the 16th. We traveled backwards in time! So weird.

Well we are all exhausted but our first day back went well! I’m sure grateful for this trip and the amount of time we got to spend together without any interruptions. We made new friends and caught up with old ones. It was pretty amazing! Congrats to Leo and Valen and thanks for giving us this amazing reason to visit Indonesia! We LOVED it.