Ubud, Bali {Day 5}

Ubud, Bali {Day 5}

Today was our first day in Bali and oh man, it did not disappoint! But, first I want to tell you about when we got in last night. We landed at the airport and got a cab from there to Ubud. Both girls were out cold on the 45 min drive. The taxi drive was having a hard time finding the place but thought that he was in the right spot so he stopped. The next thing we knew someone was knocking on the drivers side window. In my head I thought “oh great, we are lost and now there is someone at our window asking for money”, it was pitch black by the way! But he didn’t ask for anything, instead what came out of his mouth was “Mr Chance?”. Well, I guess this is our host! He then proceeds to tell us that this road is not big enough for cars so he will take us down by skooter. At this point I was a little mad and worried about what our place was going to be like. Plus I thought it was going to be impossible because we brought SO MUCH CRAP (I blame the kids for that). Well, he seriously surprised me! He took all of our luggage and us to the place in under 15 min. And Em woke up from a deep slumber to a scooter ride and loved it! Also, our place is insane! I seriously want to stay. It’s complete with a pool, outdoor kitchen, two bedrooms, and three bathrooms. At some point I’ll take some pictures and post them. Check out our Airbnb HERE.

Okay, back to day 5. Em and Chance started the day off with a dip in the pool and a little walk while me and Wynnie stayed at the Airbnb so she could nap. Traveling with kids slows things down when it comes to naps, if they skip them they are insane so we try to at least let her get one good nap in a day that’s not in the baby carrier.

After she woke up we headed out for the day. Our Airbnb is in an interesting location. The road to get there can only be used by scooter or motorcycle so we had to walk up to the main road to get a taxi. It was such a beautiful walk! So many rice patty’s, interesting plants, and wildlife sounds. We did have to try hard to hear them over Em whining that her legs hurt and we needed a taxi “right now!” though. Kids. Like I said, traveling with kids slows you down just a tad! We finally found a taxi and we headed to the market area. We strolled the streets and found a place to eat lunch. Things were a little touch and go at this point. We hadn’t completely made a plan, we weren’t sure where to eat, and Em was a little upset about the heat so we had to make a snap decision on food. We picked a restaurant that people said was good and went in. The food was good but the best part was that the girls had a mood change. It’s funny what food and water will do for the attitude! ?

After lunch we headed to the Monkey Forest! Em has been so excited to see monkeys ever since we told her we were going to Bali. Well, she saw monkeys, TONS of them. The monkey forest is in an area with patios, walkways, and stairs that take you through this pretty area that is just full of big trees. The kinds of trees perfect for monkeys! The high-light of the monkey forest was when I was getting a banana out of the backpack and as I handed it to him a monkey climbed up on me and then jumped on Em and Chance and snatched the banana right out of his hand! Em was terrified to feed them after that! haha We had a lot of fun exploring the forest and feeding the monkeys. Chance let them climb on him a few times! Even while he was holding Wynnie once, she didn’t seem too entertained by them. ?

After the Monkey Forest we headed to Ubud Market! Along the path we were sidetracked by a 30 min foot massage. This was my favorite part of the day! OH MY GOSH they know how to massage a foot. And to be honest, I normally don’t like foot massages. We distracted Em with a movie and Wynnie with a bottle and had the most relaxing 30 min of this whole trip. I felt like a I could conquer the world after. But then everything changed when we went to the market! ? I honestly love the idea of markets but once I get inside one I just get overwhelmed and sweaty. I think I have shopping anxiety. Plus it didn’t help that Em wanted to buy every single thing! Oh and it started raining. But it all ended well. I got a cute leather wallet, Em got a flute and some toys for her friends, and then we found a taxi to head back. We were there probably 30 min is all, I call it success!

We found a quaint restaurant near our hotel and ducked in out of the rain for a bite to eat. Chance’s food was nothing special, mine was excellent, and Em’s was awesome! She ate over half of that giant pizza. Once we got back to our villa we immediately got in the pool for a “family swim”! Em named it that, she is pretty cute. Wynnie wasn’t a fan of the family swim but all and all it was the perfect ending to our day!