Indonesia {Day 2, 3, & 4}

Indonesia {Day 2, 3, & 4}


We spent the day with our good friend Febrian! He is also someone we met in China and spent a lot of time with while we were there. He took us to the Central part of Jakarta and showed us the National Monument. The top of it is solid gold I guess! He said that their president wanted everyone to think they had a lot of money so he wanted to do the monument in gold! Trickery at it’s finest. 😉

Em spent most of her time there dazzling the tourists with her dancing skills, getting photos with them, and passing out little dolls to all the kids she found! (our friend back home makes these adorable wooden peg dolls. She made us some the day before we left so Emry could give them out to the kids. It has been the funnest thing!) It is so funny to watch her because she honestly doesn’t even notice that everyone is looking at her. She just goes about her stuff like normal and I seriously love that about her! Wynnie spent her time sweating to death in the carrier and letting everyone come up and talk baby talk in Indonesian to her. Both kiddos are getting so much attention they aren’t going to know what to do when we get home!

We then met some more of our friends for lunch. The restaurant was excellent! Everything was so beautiful I didn’t want to eat it! Also, Em ate so much food at this place! Which is weird if you know Em. She is not a big meat person (unless is it’s chicken nuggets, which she did ask for haha), she won’t eat anything that looks slightly weird, and if it has seasoning that’s noticeable she won’t touch it! Well, all of that went out the door at this restaurant! She ate so much beef, loved the green rice, and the dessert. I guess that’s what happens when you are in a country that doesn’t serve chicken nuggets at every restaurant and you are starving! haha

^^^On this day Em proposed to Febrian. She is so in love with him and gets jealous when his girlfriend is around haha!^^^

We finished off the night with Mass with Leo and Valen! It was really cool to be apart of it. However, Em fell asleep the second everyone started singing and slept for the next hour on a plastic chair while Wynnie was being mauled by everyone in sight! I cannot believe how good the kids are being. Sure, we have had some hard moments but overall I am so impressed with them. It’s so cute to watch Wynnie because she wants to be able to see us but for the most part she will go to anyone! And these people are all baby whispers. I swear anyone that holds her gets her to sleep in their arms. It’s adorable!


Leo and Valen’s Wedding Day! It was such a good day! The ceremony was gorgeous, extravagant, and the spirit was felt. They are so happy together, it’s very apparent. My favorite part of the ceremony was when the bride and groom go to the row their parents are on and hug each one of them. It’s very emotional and I couldn’t help by tear up! It’s their last goodbye. It hit close to home for me because Valens dad passed away just after mine did from a heart attack. He was even younger than my dad! It was sad to see her not be able to give that last hug to her dad. I know she was having a hard time with him not being there.

The kids did excellent during the ceremony. Emry played with her toys and colored while Wynnie was kidnapped by Valens auntie. It was hilarious, she took her before the ceremony started and said she wanted to hold her for a bit so I went and sat in my seat. Then the ceremony started and I didn’t dare get up in the middle of it to go look for her. We kept looking around and couldn’t see them anywhere! I immediately started thinking maybe that wasn’t her aunt (It’s hard to tell them apart. I know, horrible. They say the same thing about Americans though!) and that maybe some random Indonesian lady kidnapped my child haha! When there was a break in the ceremony I snuck out to look and found them at the back with Wynnie asleep in her arms, it was so cute! I’m telling you, baby whispers.

^^^If you can look at that face and not smile there is something wrong with you. Happiest man I’ve ever met! (Father of the groom) ^^^

After the ceremony we went back to the hotel to have a rest till the reception. I hit an all time low at this point. Sleep deprivation and crying kids will take you to some dark places. Here is my Instagram post from that moment…

“So far today has been bits of good and bits of plain hard! After a long night with Wynnie I was stressed about how the day would go. We attended the wedding ceremony we came for and all went well. Really, it was beautiful and the kids did great! We then came back to the hotel to have a rest. Wynnie lost it again. It’s so not like her to cry for no reason and she was refusing her bottle. I sometimes get overwhelmed and start beating myself up when my kids aren’t doing well so I needed a minute. Chance took Wynn for a walk and got her to sleep. She transferred fine and has been asleep since. ?? We then decided we needed to try to get Em to take a nap so she wouldn’t fall asleep at 5 pm tonight. ? Let’s just say she wasn’t having it. We both got emotional and I ended up taking her out in the hall to have it out with her. She proceeded to tell me that she wanted to be an adult so she could do whatever she wanted to all the time. I immediately started crying and told her all about how hard adult life is. I know she is too little to understand what she said but it hurt me to hear her wishing away her childhood like that. I was mad that she wasn’t happy to be a kid! (? what kid wants to be a kid?) Honestly, right now I’m struggling with this motherhood thing. It’s seriously eating up all of my energy and half the time I feel like I want to cry. I know, I know, I need to cherish every moment because it goes too fast. But I’m sorry, I cannot cherish every moment because it is dang hard. There is always someone needing something, one of them in tears or whining, and most of the time there is a voice in my head saying “you’re a bad mom”. I know it’s irrational and only true 50% of the time ? but this mama life is no joke! Often times on social media we only share our best selves. I’m definitely guilty of that and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Most of the time we don’t take a photo of our child having a tantrum to post for the world to see (the crowd at Walmart had enough witnesses ?). But, in this moment I want to be completely real with you. Having kids is amazing, having kids is hard, and traveling with kids will rock your world. ? Worth it.”

After that I got Emry to sleep and I was able to calm myself down. Then it was time to head to the reception so we woke the kids up at 6:30 and hauled some groggy girls to the party!

Once again, they were the center of attention. At times I was worried they were stealing the thunder from the bride but she seemed just as obsessed with them so I just went with it! Emry spent her time dancing like a crazy person, kissing and attacking Febrian, and eating all the soup and ice cream in site! She wanted to hug the bride multiple times and each time Valen made her feel loved. It was adorable! Wynnie once again was being passed around to all of Leo and Valens family and she didn’t seem to mind! She even slept in some guys arms for about an hour, full disclosure…I’m not sure who he was! I kept a close eye on them though! haha

Their receptions are very similar to ours. The family like to stand at the front so everyone can greet them, they serve food and drinks, they have a band, and some people dance. Okay, not really, Emry danced. She danced A LOT. Where she finds the energy is beyond me!

Most of the photos from the wedding were taken on my phone and I’m too lazy at the moment to transfer them! It was a fun night where we were able to reunite with some more of our Indonesian friends that we met in Changsha.


This was a travel day. The girls slept through the flight and handled the long day like a couple of champs. Again, I’m very impressed with them. Let the Bali adventures begin!