Meet the Burrows

Chance & Brenna


We met in 2010, were engaged 3 months later, and married 6 months after that. Things moved fast but we knew it was right! We spent 9 months living in China while we were newly weds and we loved it so much we decided we wanted a baby made in China… out came Emry. 😉 When Em was about 18 months old we decided it was time to add another. We went through secondary infertility for over two years until we added Wynn to the fam! We adopted Wynnie in 2017 and are beyond grateful she is in our family. We had always talked about adopting one day but our infertility sped up the process. She healed our hearts and made Emry so happy that she finally had a sibling. (You can read Wynnies adoption story HERE)

Our girls mean everything to us and we can’t imagine life without them. Well, I imagine it would be a lot less sticky and probably a little less whining! 😉 Good thing they are cute!


Chance worked his butt off for an aerospace company so we could move our family abroad to live in China. We love watching our kiddos have the same cultural experience we did. Brenna owns a photography business and is excited to switch gears toward blogging and vlogging.



Obsessed with singing, dancing, playing with friends, and doing anything artistic. She is hilarious, sassy, and so smart! She loved moving to China because she thinks she is a big star here! We are calling it “foreign girl magic” 😉 Em is our leader, champion song writer, and Diet Coke stealer. We couldn’t love her more!



Loves food, dancing, singing, and food. She is obsessed with books, being outside, and animals! Oh and did I mention she loves food! She has brought so much happiness into our home after some dark months. We have been with her since she was 2 hours old and we couldn’t be more grateful to be blessed by adoption. Wynnie girl is our caboose, master screamer, and daddy lover.